WQS #83 – Turn your challenges into an opportunity – Amel Derragui

It is my pleasure to present the first English interview on Womenistas. I met Amel Derragui at a Forbes magazine party last year and was instantly inspired by her passion and drive. She is the speaker and founder of „Tandem Nomads“, a podcast and platform that helps expat spouses/partners build a portable business and turn personal and career challenges into opportunities.

Who is Amel?

Amel currently lives in New York City with her husband. Originally hailing from Algeria, Amel was introduced to the global nomadic life at a young age. Her parents are expats and Amel was raised across 8 countries and 13 cities. After studying in France, she was hired by a company in the U.S., where she started to build her career and received her MBA in Arizona. After years of travelling and living in different countries, she was ready to settle for a stable career in France. However, as so many times in life, things turned out differently. She met her husband and decided to quit her job and join him in Iran.

This is when she started her consulting business in marketing and branding strategies.
After five years and three moves due to her husband’s job, that was when she realized the dual career challenges that expat spouses have and the vulnerable situation that some of them end up in as they give up their career to support their partner’s career and their family on the move. Amel felt it was a topic that needed to be discussed and that is how she started the podcast show “Tandem Nomads” on the side of her consulting business.
Nowadays, she speaks at conferences and workshops and shares her insights on women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

What you will learn from this interview

There is a certain allure that the expat life exudes. Living in different countries can be exciting and provide experiences that one might not gain when staying in their home country. However, there are also certain drawbacks that are often overlooked. Moving to a different country every other year, demands a lot of resilience and can affect one´s sense of identity and belonging. In this interview, Amel shares her own personal story and sheds some light on the difficulties and challenges that the expat lifestyle can entail. Especially expat spouses/partners face hurdles that are vastly different from those of their other half. Moving abroad as a partner is a different experience than moving abroad for your own job. Often times expat partners find themselves lost in their professional and personal identity and lacking social networks.

Amel found herself in such a situation when she moved to Iran to join her husband. Although she founded her own consulting business, she was faced with the challenges of adapting to a new cultural environment and building her career from scratch. Tandem Nomads started as an exchange platform for expat partners. As you will hear in this episode of Womenistas, Amel was interested in sharing stories of other expat spouses, which difficulties they faced and how they took care of their careers, families and own needs.

„Tandem Nomads“ started as a side project, but soon grew bigger and developed from a podcast into her current consulting business. As a business and marketing coach, Amel advises expat spouses and helps them build a portable business that allows them to move from one country to another. Listen to this podcast to learn more about how she helps her clients build their own sources of independency, identity and happiness. Furthermore, Amel shares her ideas on how to stay positive and focused in both career and personal life and the importance of having a clear vision of what impact you want to make.

Amel´s advice to all Womenistas, who find themselves in a similar crisis

Acknowledge you are not feeling happy and that you are going through a difficult moment

Do something about it! Communicate your stress in a constructive way

Build a support system

Listen to yourself, listen to your body, soul and take care of yourself!

Turn your challenges into an opportunity. Be aware that change does not happen overnight.

Here you find more about Amel

Homepage – http://tandemnomads.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tandemnomads

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tandemnomads

Thank you so much for this inspiring talk, dearest Amel!!